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Puerto de las Nieves
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Puerto de las Nieves is an idyllic fishing village at the north-west coast of Gran Canaria, right next to the charming town of Agaete.

Puerto de las Nieves is a very popular attraction for a one-day trip, alternatively as a starting point for a trip with the ferry to Tenerife.

There are, however, a few hotels, particularly the fantastic Hotel Roca Negra, which is highly recommended by the guests.

The heart of Puerto de las Nieves is Paseo de los Poetas. Here you will find many appetising restaurants and small interesting shops, for instance selling artware. Many of the impressive buildings are blue and white, almost as taken out of a Greek village.

Beaches in Puerto de las Nieves
There are two beaches in Puerto de las Nieves. One is located right in front of the village, whereas the other is located a bit further south-east. Both beaches have dark lava sand mixed with rocks. The water is clear and usually calm. There is a separate section for naturists.

Restaurants and night life
The selection of restaurants is good and the quality is generally high. Due to their location close to the harbour, several of the restaurants have naturally specialised in fish courses. Try the specialty caldo de pescado, a very tasty and strong fish soup.

The night life is very quiet as the people, who choose to live in this part of Gran Canaria, want to have peace and quiet.

Attractions and sightseeing
In the southern end of Puerto de las Nieves, there is a view of the remains of Dedo de Dios, God's finger. It was a 30 metre high stone formation, rising from the sea, but it was ruined by a tropical storm in 2005.

If you live in Puerto de las Nieves or Agaete, it is recommended to visit one of the mountain villages in Gran Canaria, for instance Teror or Arucas.


Puerto de las Nieves

Puerto de las Nieves

Puerto de las Nieves beach

Puerto de las Nieves restaurant



Puerto de las Nieves map

On the left side of the map, you can see the small fishing village, Puerto de las Nieves. The ferry to Tenerife is found by the quay in the bottom left corner of the map. To the right, you can see the charming town of Agaete.

In the top of the picture, you will see the wonderful Hotel Roca Negra, which has a spa, fitness centre and free Wi-Fi all over the hotel.




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